Welcome to eSTEM Help Desk: The Self Service Portal

helpdesk.jpgHelp desk support (eStem Help Desk) is an important component of eSTEM system which helps in systematic resolution of observation/issues faced by users related to the system. eStem Help Desk is a web-based software project management and bug/issue tracking system emphasizing ease of use and low ceremony.

Major Features of eSTEM Help desk

  • User Can log his/her findings or observations.
  • User can track the progress of resolving individual bugs, issues, feature requests, and ideas - each with its own ticket (numbered, as in a waiting room queue system).
  • Easily reconcile overlapping tickets (where more than one person reports the same thing).
  • Custom Search and filter tickets by priority, project component,reporter, version or owner (among others).
  • User can view the different reports based on various criteria.

About eSTEM

eSTEM.pngeSTEM (Skills & Training Enterprise Management solution) which has been designed for PIA’s to cater to the provisions of various skills development scheme. eSTEM is in compliance with DDU-GKY Scheme and the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) notified by MoRD & also integrated with MRIGS . All the PIAs PROCESSES for skills domain projects can be effectively managed by eSTEM.

Major Features of eSTEM

  • eSTEM can be used for various skills domain projects.
  • eSTEM is aligned with the DDU GKY guidelines and SOP published by MoRD.
  • eSTEM allows creation and management of unlimited number of users based on their profile and geographical constrains of the users.
  • eSTEM includes end-to-end process from center creation till placement tracking.
  • eSTEM follows the standard database related to courses (MES/ QP-NOS) and geographical masters defined in NIC for future integration.
  • eSTEM allows complete control over the process and enforces integrity of data recorded into the system.
  • eSTEM generates report not only for monitoring & control but also for analysis of performance of entities involved.
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