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MRIGS is an effective solution for Monitoring & Regulation for Improved Governance of Skills Development. For more information , visit http://www.ruralskills.in. Raise tickets related to software(MRIGS) in MRIGS-SSP(Helpdesk) portal. Helpdesk Contact No:(Only for MRIGS Application)—+91-7065567447. Help Desk Timings 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (working days Only)

Features of MRIGS

Important features of MRIGS are as follows:

  • MRIGS is aligned with the DDU GKY guidelines and SOP published by MoRD.
  • It takes into account the entire process of Monitoring Agencies & PIAs as outlined in the SOP and Guidelines.
  • MRIGS allows creation and management of unlimited number of users based on their profile and geographical constrains of the users.
  • MRIGS having maker & checker concept for various processes as outlined in the SOP and Guidelines.
  • It includes end-to-end process from Proposal Creation till placement tracking.
  • MRIGS follows the standard database related to courses (MES/ QP-NOS) and geographical masters defined in NIC for future integration.
  • MRIGS is having complete workflow processes & data analysis.
  • It allows complete control over the process and enforces integrity of data recorded into the system.
  • It generates report not only for monitoring & control but also for analysis of performance of entities involved.
  • MRIGS can be used for other projects with little modification.

About "MRIGS-SSP":

MRIGS-SSP is a web-based software project management and bug/issue tracking system emphasising ease of use and low ceremony.

In case of any issue with MRIGS-SSP portal email to helpdesk
*Note: Add helpdesk email id helpdesk into your mailing safe list.

Major Features of MRIGS-SSP

  • User Can log his/her findings or observations.
  • User can track the progress of resolving individual bugs, issues, feature requests, and ideas - each with its own ticket (numbered, as in a waiting room queue system).
  • Easily reconcile overlapping tickets (where more than one person reports the same thing).
  • Custom Search and filter tickets by priority, project component,reporter, version or owner (among others).
  • User can view the different reports based on various criterias.

How to Create a Ticket

  • Login to application
  • click "New Ticket" tab from top menu → Create New Ticket page will open.
  • Enter summary of the ticket in "Summary" field & detailed description of finding in the "Description" field.
  • Enter other fields
    • Type: Select type of ticket.
    • Priority: select priority(Blocker/ Critical/ Major/ Minor/ Cosmetic) based on criticality of ticket.
    • Project: Select appropriate project. For ticket(s) related to MRIGS application select option “MRIGS” & for ticket(s) related to PFMS select option “PFMS”.
    • On selection of project following fields will be enabled.
      For MRIGS
      1. Component field: This filed will be filled automatically. User selection will not be required.
      2. Process Group, Module, Application No (if any).
      For PFMS
      1. Component field: This filed will be filled automatically. User selection will not be required.
      2. PFMS Category, PFMS Subcategory.
    • User Group: Select "PIA" if logged in as PIA. Select "TSA" if logged in as TSA official & select MoRD if logged in as MoRD official.
    • On User Type selection “TSA / Ministry” field will be enabled. Select the appropriate value.
    • For MRIGS related tickets select appropriate Process Group & Module field options. For PFMS select appropriate PFMS Category & subcategory field options.
    • CC: Use default or enter the email-id of the person to whom you want to email the ticket reference. Use comma between email-ids in case more than one email-id. It is an optional field.
    • Contact Number: Enter contact no of user. This number will be used for ticket related communication if required.
  • Browse & attach appropriate screen shot for the ticket.
  • Press "Create Ticket" button to create the ticket.

View Tickets / Reports

  • Login to system.
  • Click "View Tickets" tab from top menu.
  • Click the desired link to view the report.
    • Active Tickets: This report will show all the active tickets.
    • Other reports will display with group by function as per selected report.
  • Selected Reports Results will be displayed.
  • Click the desired ticket to open the same.

Note: User can sort the tickets based on desired element by clicking heading of desired element.

Amendment in Created Ticket

  • Follow the View Ticket/ Reports section & open the desired ticket.
  • Enter comments or more attachment as desired.


User can also open the desired ticket by entering ticket no in the search text box like "#3" for ticket no 3. or some text/keyword for the matching tickets.
User can also use the custom search functionality for searching a ticket.

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